about us

There is no doubt that the first time we saw our house back in 2013 we were underwhelmed. The house lacks street appeal. In a generous mood I liken it to a Howard Arkley painting, vibrant orange bricks, geometric lines and flat grass.

Inside there were good proportions, solid foundations and enough room for two studios and a workshop. This would be the place were we endeavor to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

For over two years we have painted, removed cement, planted trees and built up a garden, turning our little patch into a tangerine dream.

We are guided by a set of pillars in our decisions. Grow what we can to feed ourselves and others. Make things ourselves, learning new techniques and trying them out. Reduce wherever possible. Support local makers, community and produce. And lastly, maintain balance, a full time employed plus people not everything is possible at the one time.